XNA F# Breakout Clone - Model Tutorials

Thursday, May 7, 2009 by gradbot

I'm impressed by how easy it is to use Models in XNA and because of this I'm demoting my render engine to line drawing only. Here is how I went about getting Models into my game.

  1. First you will need software to create models and Autodesk has a free version of just that. Autodesk Softimage Mod Tool 7.5
  2. Watch this video so you can create and export your 3D models correctly. The video series and blog post can be found here.
  3. Third you can follow the Microsoft tutorials to get your models in game Microsoft Tutorial on displaying a 3D Model or you can continue the blog from the previous step.
  4. Finally you will need some video tutorials on how to use Autodesk to create more complex models. XSI Video Tutorials

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Breakout Clone - Added Physics Engine and Sound - F# XNA

Sunday, May 3, 2009 by gradbot

I added the Farseer Physics Engine to my game along with XNA sound effects. I'm amazed by how easy it was to use this physics engine. Collisions are handled by Delegates which you create in F# by passing a function to the delegate constructor.

ball.Geometry.OnCollision <-
fun geom1 geom2 contactList -> true)

My current plan is to add different shapes to the blocks, different masses, and maybe events such as an explosion.

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