Learning from the Classics

Tuesday, March 10, 2009 by gradbot

So I decided while working on my platformer that I need to reduce the number of jobs I'm undertaking while I program. In order to do that I'm dropping creative director and am instead recreating classic titles. I'm still project manager since I need to manage my time and my development goal has to be playability if I'm ever going to get anything playable.

The below list contains all the 2D video game genres I can think of. I'm going to pick a game and spend a few weeks recreating it and then move on to another game in a different genre. I hope to learn the different challenges associated with each genre and what game mechanics cross genres. I have other long term goals but i'll worry more about those once I have a few games playable.

2d paddle - knockout, pong
2d shooter - galaga, zanak, space invaders
2d platformer - metroid, mario, kurby, castlevania, sonic
2d puzzle - tetris, dr. mario, generic match 3 game
2d maze - pacman, frogger
2d hack & slash - gauntlet, zelda, diablo, crono trigger
2d fighter - street fighter
2d rpg - final fantasy, dragon warrior
2d simulation - simcity, trains
2d strategy - civilization
2d rts - starcraft, red alert, dune 2, lemmings
2d racing - r.c. pro am, excite bike, mario cart
2d board game - chess, checkers, go, othello
2d projectile - gorrila, scorched earth, tank

I'm going to contenue using F# and XNA as they have served me well so far.

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